Typical evening at the capitol for the hardest working Senators in Montana…:

By jenniferfieldermt

Just happened: The final Senate vote on Right to Hunt … all Democrats voted NO.

The bill they voted against says this: “The citizens of Montana have the right to hunt, fish and trap wild fish and wildlife. Hunting, fishing, and trapping is the preferred manner of managing wild fish and wildlife and is subject to necessary and proper management and conservation statutes
enacted by the legislature and regulatory authority delegated by the
legislature to a designated public agency or commission. The right to
harvest wild fish and wildlife is a heritage that shall forever be
preserved to the citizens of Montana and does not create a right to
trespass on private property or diminution of other private rights.”

By jenniferfieldermt

SB 236, the Montana Right to Hunt Act, passed the Senate 30 to 20 today!!! These respectful Sportsmen and Ranchers have been a pleasure to work with on the crafting of this legislation. Unlike some so called sportsmen and conservation organizations, these guys are genuinely dedicated to preserving our harvest heritage, while respecting private property rights, and supporting sound wildlife conservation & management. What a shame that every single democrat Senator voted against the Right to Hunt.

By jenniferfieldermt