Intense math happening now in Special Session.

Senators discuss options for how to fill a projected $227 million hole in the state budget. It looks like the current proposal could have the
governor find $77 million in savings within state agencies by making cuts, $90 million could be transferred from over-funded state special revenue accounts, and we have various pieces of legislation moving through hearings and floor votes to find $60 million to rebuild the fund for wildfire
fighting which was depleted last summer. To come up with that $60 million for the fire fund some ideas floating around include extending the Civic Core contract with Shelby Prison (net gain of $32 million), reducing the soon to be closed Montana State Development Center budget, giving State Employees a 1 day furlough, changing liquor licenses from a lotteey to an auction system, possibly repealing some tax credits, implementing a 2% tax on non profit health insurance companies that are not paying taxes now, and collecting a management fee from the State Fund. After the governor failed to solve the problem over the last 4 months, he called the legislature into an emergency sepecial session this week. We are working hard to find a
workable balance as soon as possible and I think we are getting close.
Prayers would be appreciated!

By jenniferfieldermt

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