Democrats offering to “deliver” your ballot for you are likely trashing them if you voted “wrong”

“HELENA — More than a dozen voters contacted the Missoula County elections office Monday morning concerned about what happened to their ballots after people going door-to-door offered to deliver them, and in Livingston one resident complained to police. Missoula County elections administrator Rebecca Connors said in addition to phone calls to report the issue, a few people came into to get replacement ballots Monday morning. Voters who contacted her office all had similar narratives, Connors said. Canvassers came to their door and offered to collect ballots and return them to the elections office on voters’ behalf.

“They would give the ballot and then the person would ask for an exit interview about how they voted,” she said. The canvasser would then advocate for candidates they supported.

That left folks worried,”Well, I didn’t vote for that candidate. Are they going to cast my ballot on my behalf?” Conners said.”

Read more: Some voters unsettled by volunteer offers to drop off ballots at elections office | Government & Politics |….html


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