Guard your ballot! Don’t let strangers pick it up and “deliver” it for you, and don’t leave it in an unlocked mailbox…

Democrats are going door to door offering to take your absentee ballot to the courthouse for you. As they make this “kind” offer, they probe to see who you voted for. Do you think your ballot will be delivered if you voted Republican? Fat chance! Police are also investigating theft of ballots from mailboxes. See articles below, spread the word, and don’t let anyone steal your vote!
Helena, MT – Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party sent separate letters today to Secretary of State Linda McCulloch and Executive Director of the Montana Democrat Party Nancy Keenan following disturbing reports confirming that strangers, at least one of whom was linked to the Montana Democrat Party are going door-to-door offering to deliver the ballot for voters, obtaining control of the ballot, and then asking them who they voted for.

Essmann expressed his disappointment to Linda McCulloch for failing to respond to his request that she immediately record and distribute a Public Service Announcement on both television and radio reminding Montana voters that the only two ways to ensure their ballot safely reaches the ballot box is to use a stamp and mail or personally deliver their ballot to their local election office.

“You, as an elected official in charge of election administration, have an obligation to all Montana voters to set aside your personal agenda and ensure we have a fair and transparent election,” wrote Essmann.”Please advise us whether or not you will quickly record and distribute a Public Service Announcement reminding voters to use a stamp or personally deliver their ballot to the election office as those are the only guaranteed methods of safe delivery. The integrity of the ballots cast by these voters is at stake.”

Essmann also called on Nancy Keenan to stop the Montana Democrat Party’s practice of ballot collection and in doing so help ensure the integrity of our elections.”I firmly believe that as the leader of the Montana Democrat Party you have an obligation to stop your questionable, if not downright unethical practices, and end the collection of ballots by paid or unpaid strangers,” wrote Essmann.”No ballot should ever be handed over to a stranger, political operative, or special interest group. Let’s work together to ensure the integrity of our elections. You can do your part by stopping this questionable and unethical practice that creates doubt where none is needed.”

In another report of possible voter fraud, the Graet Falls Tribune reported this:

“Billings police have had at least 10 calls about missing absentee ballots from [outgoing mail in] residents’ mailboxes. The calls to the Billings Police Crime Prevention Center came from multiple Billings neighborhoods, most before noon on Wednesday and Thursday, said Crime Prevention Officer Tom Keightley. Callers reported at least one person had rifled through their personal mailbox and taken a ballot. Some reported other outgoing mail was not taken, though it was put out at the same time as their ballot, Keightley said. ”

Read more here: Billings police investigating calls on people searching home mailboxes, stealing ballots | Crime and Courts |….html

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