“Our solemn duty on behalf of all those who perished that September day 15 years ago, is to work together as one nation to keep all of our people safe from an enemy that seeks nothing less than to destroy our way of life.” – Donald J. Trump

While Hillary Was Busy Dying Today, Look at Incredible Thing Trump Did for 9/11 Victims * LIBERTY WRITERS NEWS: www.libertywritersnews.com/2016/09/hillary-busy-dy…ctims

Some people would suggest we put politics aside today, but I would say that politics are part of the equation we must not underestimate. For example, why are democrats importing tens of thousands of UNVETTED Muslims into America from the terrorist hotbed of the world? Have they forgotten about 9-11? Is it part of the Democrat Voter Expansion Program? Is it the lucrative government money they are receiving for each refugee they import? Some “non profit” workers are being paid over a half million dollars/year to “resettle” refugees and tap them into our already stretched welfare programs. Seems to me that when we as a nation reach out to help others, we are duty bound to put the safety of our citizens first. We should take responsible precautions to keep jihadists out of our country. That is not happening under the democrat regimes in our state and nation. That is why politics matter. chumly.com/attachment/23111798 chumly.com/attachment/23111931 chumly.com/attachment/23111980 chumly.com/attachment/23112043 chumly.com/attachment/23112044

By jenniferfieldermt

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