Sen. Fielder reports on National Republican Convention

July 30, 2016

It was a real honor to have been elected as one of the 27 delegates to represent Montana at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio this July. Like most of you, I would have much rather been enjoying summer in Montana, but I agreed to go because this work put me in another position to bring rural Montanan’s voice to the nation, and to continue efforts to protect the way of life we love. As a result, some fairly positive developments occurred.

Leading up to the event, the media really played up on anticipated racism and anti-Trump protests. The convention got underway fresh on the heels of the assassination of several police officers at a”Black Lives Matter” rally in Texas. Then we received the shocking news reports out of France that a terrorist had plowed a large truck into a crowd. With all the violent troubles in our country and around the world these days, many people felt that something very bad was likely to happen in Cleveland too. Security was intense and on high alert.

But what actually happened was amazing. Cleveland did a fantastic job preparing, and the Good Lord delivered safety, peace, and perfect weather. People were friendly, the city was clean, the convention was well organized and fun, and workers at every level were gracious and industrious.

There was no anti-government sentiment to be found among our crowds. In fact many of us spontaneously thanked the police or applauded when veterans marched past. All of the local, state, and federal police were diligent but friendly.

There was no racial tension among convention go-ers either, or the general population of Cleveland for that matter. Blacks and whites and browns and yellows and reds of all sorts were as friendly with one another as can be. It soon became apparent that the only colors that really matter to us are Red, White, and Blue. As it should be.

Many of the amazing speeches delivered at the RNC were positive and meaningful. The main messages were focused on Making America Safe Again, Making America First Again, and Making America Great Again. You can find the full speeches online at

In addition to selecting our republican nominee for President, Representatives from all 50 states gathered at convention to craft and ratify a national Republican Party platform that reflects our principles and policy positions. It turned out very well and addresses many critical issues clearly. Take a few moments to read it for yourself online at

Trump had not always been my first choice among the Republican candidate field. But through the course of the week, as we learned more about the man, his professional skills, and his mission, our whole delegation embraced his candidacy. He has not just created a campaign, but a national movement. This non-politician seems to have the uncanny bravado, monumental business sense, and relentless ambition to do exactly what he says he will do — restore peace and prosperity for ALL people in this nation again.

During the convention most television news reporters sat in their broadcast booths with their backs turned away from the speakers. Rather than listening — or letting viewers watch and listen for themselves — the newscasters talked on top of speakers, distracted viewers from what was actually being said, and twisted the message. I noticed the President, while speaking at the Democrat Convention, totally misrepresented the republican message too. No surprise there.

Yes, the political process has its challenges. But to me, protection of liberty and promotion of personal responsibility, and the resulting effects on our individual and national prosperity and happiness are worth the effort. If good people don’t step up and get involved, others will.

As your State Senator, as Vice Chair of the Montana Republican Party, and now with additional roles at the national level of politics, I will continue to carry the voice of freedom to our political process at many levels. To join me or learn more you can reach me by email at, by phone at 406 210-5944, or by mail at Senator Jennifer Fielder, P.O. Box 2558 Thompson Falls, MT 59873. Or sign up on my web site at and find me on facebook!

Thanks and God Bless you, and God Bless America!

By jenniferfieldermt

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