The solution to the west’s wildfire crisis is simple…imple

“Professional foresters throughout the country have been stymied for too long in their efforts to properly manage federal forestland. Activist groups work to prevent thinning and harvesting trees based on the misguided notion that our forests should be left alone and that overgrown forests and catastrophic fires are natural. They are not natural.

Now, some of these same activists even claim that “fuel buildup” doesn’t increase “fire severity.” In other words, the thicker and older a forest becomes the less likely it is to burn in a catastrophic fire. Science and history say otherwise.

This callous disregard for the truth and the safety of our fellow citizens must end. The stakes are too high. We cannot sit by and watch more and more of our forests, homes and people’s lives be destroyed by preventable wildfires.” Read More

By jenniferfieldermt

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