Extreme Word Tricks Explained –

Extreme Word Tricks, Explained – Flathead Beacon: flatheadbeacon.com/2016/03/09/extreme-word-tricks-…ained

“If these lands had instead gone to the state, could these same tiny, single-minded”organizations” be able to shut off the very last of what was a microscopic amount of timber harvesting? While I can’t say”No” as long as Judge Donald Molloy is still around, I can say, maybe not.

Can anyone honestly claim state ownership would be worse for these lands? Heck no, which is precisely why an increasing number of good people are talking about lands transfer, or major Congressional reforms at the least.

It’s also precisely why Greens, unable to defend these miswritten laws or make any rational case against reform, have stooped to use extreme word tricks – not to protect the environment, mind you, but to defend their power and funding.”


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