Montana COPP trying to cover his tracks?

In Quest to Eliminate Conservative Representatives, Jonathan Motl Targets New Area For Speech Control: The Courtroom –

“Not content with controlling political speech in the streets, Montana’s powerful campaign-finance czar has asked a district judge to limit a defendant’s speech in an upcoming courtroom showdown…Motl “respectfully requests that the Court preclude Wittich from inquiring into any matters related to personal animosity, bias, selective enforcement of other improper motive on the part of COPP Jonathan Motl. The Rule 11 motion is part of Motl’s case against Wittich, which is scheduled for trial March 28 in Helena. Motl says Wittich violated campaign-finance laws during the 2010 election cycle. Wittich says that’s untrue – and says he’ll counter by showing that Motl, a lifelong liberal activist, is using his office to attack Montana conservatives.

Motl also asked the judge to block any testimony from Julie Steab, a former Commissioner on Political Practices employee. In one affidavit, Steab says Motl revealed political bias in the office and”expressed his keen dislike for Art Wittich.” In another Declaration Steab stated,”To the best of my knowledge, if my COPP email archives are not available, it is most likely because someone deleted them from my computer and/or from the backup system.””


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