Join me for Local Legislators Town Hall Monday Night

Sanders and Mineral County residents will have a chance to meet with all three of their state legislators 7pm Monday March 2 at Plains Bible Chapel. (8 E. Combest Rd, Plains, MT).

With seven jam packed weeks of the 2015 legislative session behind us, we have hit the point known as Transmittal Break in which legislators get to go hoke for a few days to reconnect with our families and visit with folks in our own districts.

Rep Bob Brown, R – Trout Creek and Rep Nicholas Schwaderer, R – Superior will join me at Monday evening’s public meeting to provide updates on legislative actions we are dealing with in Helena and field your questions, as well as discuss ways in which you can track issues and share your thoughts about matters most important to you. Your input is important so I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to meet face to face.

We have worked on hundreds of bills in both the House and Senate, many with strong bi-partisan support. Here are just a few highlights demonstrating the variety of bills that I have supported and helped pass out of the
Senate so far this year. These bills will go over to the House of Representatives for their consideration after the break. And the House has a whole pack of bills they will be sending our way as well. For details, you can find any bill in its entirety at

SJ9 & HB147: Measures to control and reduce the cost of healthcare. Focus on lowering cost of healthcare for everyone.

SB180: Increase funding of transportation services for elderly and disabled people.

SB168, SB240, & SB196: Improve education accommodations for military
reserve personnel, military children, and allow private employers to give hiring preference to military veterans and their spouses.

SB37: Extend water right filing deadline allowing individuals until Feb 28, 2018 to file their claims for previously undocumented exempt rights.

SB171 & SB200: Income tax reduction for all taxpaying Montanans.

SB145: Reallocation of oil and gas revenues to better assist impacted
communities in meeting infrastructure needs.

SB213: Funding flexibility for school safety and emergency operations plans.

SB244: Establish a Montana Trade Center in Alberta Canada to attract trade and tourism in Montana communities.

SB148: Improve fraud detection and prevention in public assistance programs so public funds are more carefully accounted for.

SB122: Provide tax incentives for ammunition manufacturers to locate in Montana, enhance ammunition manufacture and availability.

Also of note, the hotly debated CSKT Water Compact (SB262) passed the Senate last week. I still have serious concerns with this compact and, as much as I would like to see a palatable agreement reached, there’s more wrong with this deal than right.

During the mid-term transmittal break, all successful Senate bills will be transmitted to the House of Representatives where the hearing and debate process will begin anew. Bills that survive both chambers will go to the Governor’s desk where they will be signed into law, vetoed, or sent back to the legislature with requested changes (amendatory vetoes) for our reconsideration. We’ve still got a lot of work to do before the regular session adjourns in late April.

Many thanks to the Sanders County Republican Central Committee for sponsoring this Monday’s Town Hall meeting and covering meeting hall rental costs so constituents and legislators can engage in a personal

Driving directions to Plains Bible Chapel: From Hwy 200 in Plains -cross railroad tracks at Willis Street, take wye (5th Ave) to the left, cross over Clark Fork River, go past Fairgrounds, turn left at stop sign (T intersection), follow Combest about 2 mile, Chapel is on the right.

For breaking news and updates sign up online at or friend me on facebook. You can also reach me by email at or US mail at P.O. Box 2558 Thompson Falls, MT 59873.
Thanks, and hope to see you soon!

Senator Jennifer Fielder

Montana State Senate – District 7
Visit me at

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