Worst day of poison yet. Would have been nice if this fire had been put out when it was small and controllable. 25 days, 1 federal bureaucracy, and $10 million dollars later… trees are still burning, animals are still dying, and we are still choking on dirty air. It’s not the fire fighters fault… it is a dysfunctional, unaccountable WADC bureaucracy that fails to allow logging to reduce wildfire fuels and prevent these big fires in the first place, and secondly… fails to give the firefighters all the resources they need to put it out when it is small and controllable.

By jenniferfieldermt

Animal Rights Activists in Bed with Fed

Silencing the Public: Hypocrisy of FWS and HSUS – Sportsmen’s Alliance:…-hsus

“When the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced rule changes for the 77-million-acres of National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska on Aug. 3, changes the Sportsmen’s Alliance vehemently opposed for many reasons, what we witnessed was a wholesale power grab by the federal government to usurp states’ rights – a move that will undoubtedly not be limited to Alaska.

What we saw immediately after the announcement was wholesale hypocrisy and spin by Dan Ashe, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.”

By jenniferfieldermt

Watching the wildfire on federal land continue to pollute our beautiful Big Sky…

Sad that WA DC is letting it burn. They have spent over $5 million dollars “managing” the Copper King fire near Thompson Falls in the last 3 weeks, but firefightees tell me they could have had it out the first week if the feds had the objective of putting it out.

The pollution has been affecting a lot of folks in the area.

Really sad, especially since for every single $1 spent on proactive
vegetation management BEFORE a fire ignites, approximately $17 in wildfire fighting costs could be saved as well as savings of up to $500 per dollar in total damages.

By jenniferfieldermt

No, really… I’m not ignoring you! My dog DID eat my phone…

The husband’s phone had a rough day. First it fell out of his shirt pocket into a bucket of water while he was washing his truck (tge irony is he
NEVER washes his truck).Then he put it in a baggie with crackers to absorb the moisture, and then thought maybe he shoukd set it outside in the warm environment to help it dry faster. It seems one of the dogs (probably MY new big dog) came along and thought, “Yum, crackers” . Bye bye smart phone. The good news is, Paul hated his smart phone because it wouldn’t fit into his pockets like his trusty little flip phone did. Well I guess that’s one way to justify going back to a flip phone.

By jenniferfieldermt